"Fabulous Felines, Fun and Friendships" This is The International Cat Association motto and you will find plenty of it at the Mid Atlantic Regional Allbreed and Household Pet Cat Show.

Approximately 200 cats representing many of the over 50 breeds recognized by The International Cat Association (TICA) will be present and competing for Regional and International Awards. Abyssinians, Maine Coons, Bengals, Exotic Shorthairs, Persians, Sphynx, and Norwegian Forest Cats are just a few of the many breeds that will be showcased at this International Cat Show. In addition to the purebred cats entered in the show there will also be many beautiful Household Pets vying for the same Regional and International awards.

TICA is the worlds’ largest genetic registry of cats and Lehigh Valley Cat Club is host to one of the largest TICA sanctioned cat shows on the East Coast.

The owners of the competing cats look forward to talking to the spectators. We encourage the spectators to come to our show and ask questions. We enjoy sharing our love of our breed and educating the spectators in any way we can.

Lehigh Valley Cat Club Allbreed & Household Pet Cat Show in conjunction with
The National Pet Expo

Mark Your Calendars!

Sat., March 7, 2015
Sun., March 8, 2015

Show Hotel


Show hall

The Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center
2300 North Cameron Street
Harrisburg, PA 17110

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