APRIL 15, 16 AND 17, 2016

Breakout the Jimmy Buffet shirts and flip-flops, Lehigh Valley Cat Club is proud to present its 8th Annual Cat Show, being hosted at The RiverEdge Dining in Reading, PA.

Judges invited to the party are: Toni Jones, Vicki Joe Harrison, Brenda Russon, Lisa Dickie Barbara Ray, Fate Mays, Elektra Hammond, Aline Noel, David Nudleman, Kim Chenault, Alex Marinets, Yvonne Patrick, Kim Tomlin, Stephanie Smith, Debbie Lopeman, Don Caruthers and (4) TBA's.

Watch for some CRAZY SUPER EARLY BIRD pricing this fall. We will keep you posted.

Lehigh Valley Cat Club Allbreed & Household Pet Cat Show

Show hall

The Riveredge
2017 Bernville Road
Reading, PA

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